March Newsletter and Insurance Tips

March Newsletter and Insurance Tips

March 01, 2021

We hope you had a great February! As we head into Spring, just a quick reminder that Daylight Savings Time returns March 14th make sure to set your clocks forward an hour on Sunday!

Tips for Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Your Home

  1. Clean your Refrigerator – take the time to sort through your refrigerator to get rid of old or expired foods and condiments. Once you have sorted through the contents, thoroughly clean your refrigerator shelves and drawers by removing them and scrubbing them with warm water and soap to get rid of bacteria and food spills.
  2. Deep Clean your Bathrooms – spring is a great time to deep clean your bathrooms. Start by working on the bathroom grout. There are many options out there but a cleaning solution that you can apply then scrub off works great. You can also freshen your shower drains and help improve flow by using a homemade drain cleaning solution or a cleaning solution purchased at the store. Last but not least, make sure to clean your shower curtain by placing it in the washer with a few towels. This will help remove any bacteria or mildew build up.
  3. Prepare Patio Furniture – with warm weather approaching quickly, now is a good time to prepare your outdoor furniture. Cleaning outdoor furniture can be as simple as getting a bucket of soapy water and wiping down tables and chairs and then allowing them to air dry. Any cushions that have been stored can get a good vacuuming too.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business

  1. Evaluate Your Website – is your website due for an update? Now is a good time to audit your website content to make sure everything is up to date and organized for ease of use. It's also a good time to check the quality of your website in a mobile version to ensure that customers accessing your website can obtain the same information as the desktop version.
  2. Evaluate Security – now is a good time to have your computer systems checked for security needs. Small businesses are considered easy targets by most hackers due to lack of security on computer systems. Having your computers audited annually to ensure full cyber security is a great way to protect your business from future losses.
  3. Boost Your Social Media – spring is a great time to refresh your social media presence. If you aren’t currently using social media in your business now is a good time to put a plan together to expand your online presence. If you are already using social media, consider revamping your strategy or content to engage in a new way with current and prospective customers.

Coverage Highlight

Off-Road/Recreational Vehicles and Toys

Spring is usually the time that many people are dusting off their RVs, dirt bikes, golf carts, or ATVs for use. This should also be the time that owners of these vehicles re-evaluate their insurance coverage.

When recreational vehicles are being used, policies should always include the following coverages: bodily injury liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist liability, property damage, and medical payments or PIP coverage.

Depending on the age and cost of the vehicle, you may want to add comprehensive or collision coverage in the event the vehicle is crashed, stolen, or damaged by weather events.

Some policies will also offer optional extra coverages like vacation liability, towing, key replacement, custom equipment coverage, or safety equipment coverage.

Ask us today about how we can help you protect your recreational vehicles and toys!

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