January Newsletter and Insurance Tips

January Newsletter and Insurance Tips

January 04, 2021

Happy New Year from Colorado Insurance Benefits

A New Year always brings the feeling of a fresh start; we hope you are able to take time to enjoy the many wonderful experiences in your life and surround yourself with love and positivity this year.

We are excited for 2021!

Tips for your Resolutions

  1. Be Realistic – Strive to set goals that are attainable, even if that means starting small. Avoid absolutes like "I will never do…" or "I will never eat sugar in 2021…" Being realistic will help you stick to your goal instead of becoming discouraged.
  2. Track Your Progress – Oftentimes if someone doesn't track their progress, they aren't holding themselves accountable and the goals will generally fall to the wayside. Tracking progress will allow you to see your improvement over the year and feel good about your accomplishments.
  3. Don't Beat Yourself Up – Don't beat yourself up if this happens. Acknowledge that it happened, determine what made you stray from your goal and decide what you can improve upon. Then jump back up on the wagon! Don't let a minor setback destroy your overall goal.

Working from Home

  1. Create a Morning Routine – A routine can be as simple as getting up, showering, and getting dressed for the day. Or maybe it means sitting down for breakfast and a cup of coffee each morning. Whatever your routine is, it will help your brain prepare for the work day ahead.
  2. Take Breaks – While it seems more productive to work the whole day without a break, it's not. Science has shown that you are more productive when you give your brain a break during the work day. A daily break will be a much-needed boost to your productivity.
  3. Try to Maintain a Dedicated Office Space – A dedicated office space doesn't necessarily mean a separate room in your home, it can be as simple as working at the same space at your kitchen table each day.

Winter Dog Walking Tips

  1. Consider Boots – While most pets don't like the idea of wearing boots, they are a great way to protect their paws. It will keep their paws from becoming too cold, protect their paws from jagged ice, and protect their paws from salt and chemicals found on the ground.
  2. Wear a Winter Coat or Sweater – Putting clothing on your pet may look silly, but for many pets it serves an important purpose: protecting your dog from wind chill, and and cold. Some pets have thick coats that allow them to handle cold temperatures well, however, many pets don't have this type of coat. A winter coat or sweater will help your pet keep warmer on their walks and protect them from becoming wet or having cold weather-related illness or injury.
  3. Pay Attention to Body Language – Always be sure to pay close attention to your pet's behavior while on a walk. If they are picking up their paws, licking paws, shivering, whining or just refusing to walk, it's a sign they need to go home immediately.

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